Return to Cherry Creek

Original Music: Return to Cherry Creek

Return to Cherry Creek

This is dedicated to my dad who I share my name with, Tim Kaminski. He passed away a number of years ago, and I miss him dearly, though I share the memories we created and I carry on the good of him and pass it along to others.

All that history gone past, the good and bad memories all lead to this collaboration of art and music with my brother Ben and Nathanael and Daniel (my nephews). My brother and his sons composed the music to the time-lapse that I painted. I’m so excited to share this with everyone as It was an amazing experience and I cried watching it for the first time.

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Original Music: “Return to Cherry Creek” Composed by Benjamin Kaminski and Daniel Kaminski

🔸Producer: Nathanael Kaminski:
🔸Bass: Daniel Kaminski:
🔸Violin: Benjamin Kaminski: