Vikings - Snowy Village

Tim kaminski snowy viking village artstation


Tim kaminski snowy village process


Tim kaminski snowy viking village sketch artstation


Snowy Village Stream - Part 1

Snowy Village Stream - Part 2

Vikings - Snowy Village

Winter arrived sooner than expected. Our food supplies are diminishing even though most of the able bodied souls have left the village for fame and war. Hunting will be key to survival, but even the wild animals seem to have been caught off guard by this early winter. A few shield maidens stayed behind and defended us from an attack a month ago. We lost one in the skirmish and the others were badly wounded. The gods appear to be against us at every turn; even though all is bleak, we are strong, we will survive, and in the end will be stronger because of it. Life is a struggle, but it won't defeat us.

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