Look to the Constellations

Tim kaminski thumbnailing environments 2 web

2 hour practice

Tim kaminski final forest process

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โ˜…Environment Artโ˜… Environment Art - Tim Kaminski

Look to the Constellations

We'd been traveling for days, and had just gone through the densest area of the forest. With little hope of exiting this dank unknown woods we were about to give up hope, then in the distance there was a slight clamor of what sounded like wind chimes and as we pushed through the underbrush there was a slight clearing with a massive tree and a string of constellations etched across it, carved deep into the trees hard flesh. There was a glow emanating from each gash into the tree. Energy seemed to pour out of the tree's innards. Someone or something had placed these chimes around it, perhaps to ward something... off, but... what?

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