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Speedpaint: Forgotten Future

Forgotten Future

It started as just small eruptions near fault lines. Small cubes 2.5 cm cubes, after a few years of this they started being paired with larger cubes. Up to 10 cm, but before long the cubes started reaching up to a meter. A few years later a monolithic structure erupted near the mountains. We started calling them temples. It just seemed like a strange natural occurrence akin to basalt formations, but then they started to power up. I saw on the news the other day that after one had been power up for a month, some of the cubes slid upwards in what appeared to be a door, as curious as I am, I don't know if i would want to be the first to enter one. It's been about 10 years now, and still no one has been able to enter one of the structures. Every attempt as failed to move them, break them, or enter. Most people have paid little attention to these eruptions, they don't even make the news anymore. It seems like everyone has forgotten them. I wonder what they mean?