Gateway Polarity

Tim kaminski render 2 clouds final web

Final after recreating from the stream

โ˜…Environment Conceptโ˜…: Live Stream - Tim Kaminski

Tim kaminski power outage web

What the power outage did to my original file. EEEK!

Gateway Polarity

The two worlds existed as one pull out of time sync. While one would war, the other was at peace. It wasn't until the Portal was create that the two existences were aware of each other. Seemingly identically planets caught in an ever changing turmoil. Our world was in a lull of peace. There weren't enough of us to create a war. Walking through this gate was akin to entering the gates of hell. It was like walking into our own past. Should it be left open to give their weak and trodden upon a oasis from the pain, or should we close it to stop the current wars infestation from spreading.

To help the few or the many; the few I know, the many know many.

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