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★Environment Concept★ Summon: Part 1

★Environment Concept★ Summon: Part 2 Muted Audio :(


Innocent flames lashed at the candle wicks as the last words exited the summoners mouth. A large crack tore into sky, an unnatural separation of matter, and a beam of energy descended upon the sarcophagus in an instant shattering to the core. In the blink of an eye the summoner was little more than dust particles. Perhaps it went wrong, or perhaps it just went wrong for the world as whatever lay dormant for longer than memory had just returned to power. The summoners last breath, body and soul had been the ignition with the words spoken the key. Now the sky hung open, anything in the path of the beam seemed to disappear from this realm. Long had the summon studied endless tomes, searching for the knowledge to grant power, but to whom? Perhaps they thought this immense power would be bestowed on the one who read the ritual, so much labor, so many sleepless nights. What lie ahead, what had sealed this tomb away for so long, and what lie within?