Forgotten Future: Interior

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Forgotten Future: Interior

Ever since the first cube erupted we always wondered if these structures even had interiors. The initial appearance of smaller cubes erupted at seemingly random, but after many suns they started appearing in larger groups and sizes, many hypothesized a form of construction and intent. The first patterns were spotted after 1354 sun cycles, what appeared to be a wall surrounded a center pillar. At the very center point of the pillar, the only cylindrical shape that had been discovered there was a small point of light emerging, some sort of energy. Many traveled to see this emergence of light saying it was some other power from another world, but how could that be if it erupted from our planets surface? This central pillar was only visible for 235 sun cycles before it vanished overnight beneath a myriad of cubes. It's been 14801 sun cycles since the pillar was seen, a monolithic structure, or temple, had appeared in it's place.

A door has opened.