Make it Home - Hob

Tim kaminski hob painting final flat signature 1080
Tim kaminski hob painting process
Tim kaminski hob with border
Final Poster Design (Boarder by Runic Games)
Tim kaminski 1
Thumbnail - Jason Rumpff
Tim kaminski thumbnails 1 promo thumbnails
Thumbnails by Tim Kaminski and Jason Rumpff
Tim kaminski 3d coat sculpt
3D Coat Model - Tim Kaminski
Tim kaminski 3d coat sculpt 2
3D Coat Model - Tim Kaminski

I've been so excited to share this painting I did for Runic Game's upcoming game Hob. I looked at some Dragon Ball Z to get that lightning on point. I teamed up with Jason Rumpff on this one as well:

It was a pleasure working with the Runic team, and here's apost with more information about the poster:

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